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Inconceivably generous. I am deliberate. ill-chosen, splintered, and imposed on. As a degenerate, I summon the Master's actions to justify my behavioral grit.
An inquisitive mind-- flourished from oppression into a cave as rich as Reed mine Where tourists can flood my thoughts Pick at my gold and sell it for their lives Stabilizing their own While weakening my historic rise
      Darkness Is when all your senses Are barred behind a high stone-walled mentality   Darkness Is when your conscience Is unaware of reality   Darkness
And so the hairy fat ape raped the  puppet slut-whore hybrid til it fell limp down the stairs of its sullen gaze amidst the crowing shit-bird winding a tourniquet casually about it's wing, facing the corner,
Perfection in sublime imperfection Unique by design, The Creator’s creation echoes Eternal Soaring, reverberating, carving past present streams of stalagmites, the stale and the nocturnal  
"Push to be the greatest." That's what is always said. "You can't settle for second best." This is the curse upon my head. One simple test in my third grade year, From then on, I'm nothing but a number.
Today you caught me sleeping in class the fact of the matter I was dreaming I would pass so while you were taking notes and giving F's I was catching up on last nights rest. You question me on if I cared
When I ask you if I can go to the bathroom, you say, "I don't know, can you?" I guess instead of "can" I should say "may," But I don't know, can you stop with the stupid jokes?
Who I am is not proven by  what i know     It is what i dont know  
Try it. When your thoughts are gonna' blow. When you want to cut and see the blood go. Put a pen in hand, and a paper in front. Start to write with your frustration and gut.\Write a poem, write a song.
You beckon to me Like a lighthouse beckons To a ship long lost at sea. You fills these chambered walls with dread, Calling in the darkness, Where few men dare to tread.
Listen. Can you hear them? I said listen. They are every and anywhere that I am. Can you hear them? No. Can you hear them the way that I can?
I barricaded myself in my room again, and I cried and cried, just like yesterday. And the day before that.
Those with troubled lives, hear me I eloquently speak with experience, I’ll explain – You’ll see For I know that every waking hour feels like years in your life
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