I don't know, can I?


When I ask you if I can go to the bathroom, you say,

"I don't know, can you?"

I guess instead of "can" I should say "may,"

But I don't know, can you stop with the stupid jokes?

Maybe don't tell us the test is tomorrow and then say it was a hoax?

Can you just grade my test, 

instead of making me stare at the gradebook all night without rest?

I don't see why the students out in the hall can't kiss who they want, 

at least, unlike me, they have someone to flaunt.

Because of all your homework, I cannot have a life, 

it seems like you spend more time planning our homework than you do on your wife.

She must be bored to death with you at home, 

to listen to your math equations and to listen to you groan.

If I were your kid, I would have run away by now, 

I would have packed my bags and I to the new family, I would say "Ni hao."

And can you get yoruself some Ice Breakers? Because your breath stinks.

This is why between my test grades and your personal teachings, there is a link.

I've never stuggled in a class, I have never been at a B.

You managed to ruin my all A's, and make me scream.

So tell me, can I go to the bathroom?

I know my bladder works sir, because I went before class.

I just want to get out of here without your backsass.  



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