What I can't but should

Thu, 10/17/2013 - 23:01 -- tkoziol

Who I am is not proven by  what i know 

   It is what i dont know  

  Your teaching isn't wrong  If All the facts are right  Whats wrong is when you shadow yourself in lightblue  Commiting the deadly sin of sloth  For I cannot make up for that  We are byproducts of   You  This classroom   This school  This community  This state   This country  I analyze conclude and disapprove of your learning methods  A classroom is for education not edu ma(ybe) some cation  It's not school i hate  But the lack of schooling   I dont shun an education  The presentation, however, i do    I understand   Everyday can be a tedious   But when we learn something new it should excite you   Unlocking dusty attic corners    Our little wheels turing   Enlightening the  murky shadows 


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