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I fell for you like the rain;   Gradually and slowly in almost an intricate pattern.   Where the drops are unnoticeable and cease to affect the worlds balanced ways.  
Im sorry  I dont want this to be about him either But if i dont write on these blank pages I'll give my skin a visit  And even though that releases some pain I'll be reminded of him  I pushed him away 
I once was reading the web page of the CNN and I saw an article about how white politicians were denying refugees from South America leaving war-torn countries begging for safety a place here in America.
Your caption stated  "I'm the type to wake up  and say you never happened "  And oh how I wish I was that type.  Oh how I wish I could forget the  mental pictures I took of you  oh how I wish I could 
Even out the squares Where's the love man Life isn't always fair, nobody calls the shots here,  My friend, what is it that I've done wrong on this land?
Grief whether it be the loss of a loved one, loss of an opportunity, or loss of ones old self Is a nasty virus that effects can be worse then the spread of HIV or Zika
This is Just to Say I have broken your heart into a  million pieces,   You had probably not expected  this pain   Forgive me, You were great but you broke
Hey Boo This is the letter I'll never send Because at this point We're to broken That despite the groveling And crying my sorries And bleeding my apologies I don't feel like
Im the sun, youre the moon. Without me, the world would Never see how much i light You up. Youre the coffee, im the sugar. You were a dark, bitter soul, Until i came to sweeten up Your life.
I always liked you best when there were wrinkles on your fingertips, even though I know you hated it, love. 
I am toxic. Everything I touch I kill, and not in a poetic murder 
She said "Girl, you're comin home with me tonight"   And who was I to refuse   We had a real good time   I fell in love with her smile  
Why do people feel the need To say they’re sorry for everything? I’m sorry you’re sad. I’m sorry you’re happy. I’m sorry you’re hurt. I’m sorry you’re sorry. Sorry has become just a word
the fair.  lost phone, lost wallet. running barefoot, rain, realizing i'm out of shape. security office. wheezing. sweaty, shoeless, boarderline dying. eye contact.
it's not that i'm afraid of my mind, i’m afraid of what takes hold when i’m alone. the thoughts. they fight for their freedom. battle against the teeth that are their cells.
I am sorry...
I'm going crazy My mind's been on a high lately Not from drugs but this craziness has just rubbed off me I've found that I don't care about anything important My father thinks I'm a failure
Maybe it’s time for me to step back, Forget get the good times, let go of the past. I don’t think I’m welcomed anymore, I think it’s time to walk out the door.   I’m sorry I had to hurt you all this way,
I’ve heard sorry before but nothing like this. 
I don't think you get it. Have your parents ever hurt you? Day after day?  Bruise after bruise? I don't mean physically, But by harsh words. You'd think someone
Your awake scared because of me.Intensely in fear searching to see.What is hiding in the dark.Because of me you are left with this painful mark.That haunts you in your dreams every night.You think nothing is ever going to turnout right.In denial a
What I did, I didn't mean. Yet that remains to be seen. It was an accident but anger is imminent. I expected it yesterday. I expect it today.
Guilt is what is real. Guilt is what I feel. It's thriving in my brain. Driving me insane. It will not forgive me. Why not can they see? I wish for my punishment. Something to ease my torment.
Who said it would be so hard, To take a step and get this far,  To listen and to disreguard, All the things that left a scar.   I'll always remember the words you said,
I know you are hurt I know you are furious I did what I had to And it may seem cruel I'm sorry for loving you I'm sorry for caring I didn't want this to happen but it was something worth sharing
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