Grief is a Virus

Grief whether it be the loss of a loved one, loss of an opportunity, or loss of ones old self

Is a nasty virus that effects can be worse then the spread of HIV or Zika

Not in a you catch this virus and you die kind of way but the you catch this virus and your soul dies kind of way


Grief is a virus that is so easily spread

It spreads so easy you can be infected just by standing in a room with it

Sharing a bed with it

Sharing a text with it


Grief creeps out of one persons soul looking to grab someone 

Grief wants to keep these people captive in the black hole that is now their own being

Because grief loves company, grief likes excuses

Grief acts reckless with ones self and other people because you cant be responsible for how you grieve, right?


Since everyone grieves in their own ways, destroying someone else in the process shouldn't be your fault right?

But it is

Your own grief is your own problem, and if that nasty virus inside of you came out of your eyes, your hands, your heart and gripped the throat of someone else to infect 

It’s your fault


If you see grief as your imaginary friend you never invited to your tea party and he slits the throats of all your guests using the shards of tea cups he broke

Once filled with hot tea made by your own tears


If this friend feels better after watching the blood mixed with tears fall from your guests neck because he doesn't have to suffer alone you are still accountable

Because if it wasn't for your tea party, your broken cups, and your hot tears these people would be okay


This imaginary friend you call grief is still a figment of YOUR IMAGINATION

You're suffering brought him out and your suffering caused the capture and murder of these innocent souls

Grief is a virus, the virus is reckless, the virus is ruthless, but when the virus is gone and your tears have turned to ice 

It’s time to say sorry

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