I’ve heard sorry before but nothing like this. 
This sorry lust for acceptance. 
This sorry hurts, groans and embarks on your response. 
And as you gesture it away this sorry annoyingly stays. 
My god sorry, just go far,
Distance yourself into another ear, 
Because this sorry,
This sorry is one I rather not hear.

Chance after chance I gave, 
And still you chose to miss behave.
My inquiring mind wants to know.
Why are you still here? 
Why won’t you leave?
What can I say?
What can I do?
Your mistake will never be excused like you.

Struggling to fight something that might last all night. 
I buckle at the knees. 
Sorry’s gaze weakening my stubborn phase,
Submission filled,
One kiss to seal the final moments in the cage.


A smile returns 
And sorry flirts with the tears that never learn. 
Fears of pardoning with disdain scared away by, 
S silently lingering on all the years untamed, an
O taking an advancing advantage aligning with my soul, while 
R raises the question to believe the lies untold that hide behind its twin, and
Y arrogantly suggest forgiveness is always how it ends.


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