I’m Sorry

Sat, 08/10/2013 - 10:11 -- kde4044


Your awake scared because of me.Intensely in fear searching to see.What is hiding in the dark.Because of me you are left with this painful mark.That haunts you in your dreams every night.You think nothing is ever going to turnout right.In denial and thinking you’re the one to blame.Tears pouring from your eyes at the sound of my name.Your parents come in, and comfort you and say.“The monster is locked away.”Two years later, I’m in treatment and learn how I my anti-social behaviors made you feel.I have a better understanding of why my actions were a capacious deal.To society, your family, as well as mine.No one deserves to suffer from my unsociable crime.Knowing why you look over your shoulder, and worry.Is my fault, and it might not mean much but I’m sorry.



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