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Like a small seed beginning to sprout from the soil A story of many chapters begins The plot of a life's story cannot spoil As the small, naive child widely grins  
Wondering where can I start but What beginning is better than from the heart  For over a decade, everything was fine No complaints, was living life, disregarding time Growing up in the projects never made a difference to me Because love from my mo
This girl This girl did not grow up alone She lived in a home With 5 girls and one boy And a mom and dad who was like a stone  This girl This girl has a heartA heart that beats for music and fashion An everlasting passion that she thought could ne
The day I almost took a life. It was July 27th around 7:30 p.m. It was a very rainy night My boyfriend and I were coming back from a Chase bank.
In my youth, I only care for popularity, forgetting how to show sincerity. Friendships, real or fake that's all I wanted to make. My mom became my foe, always insisting me to grow.
I am not a pink bloom With its free-spirited nature Nor am I the alluring red I am a white rose   Many have made attempts To inject me with dye And while it took for a while
Here is your flower, you only get one You’ll come to see its precious by the time I am done It is something many will try to take, but your grip you cannot break
One day after practice, he walks me home, "Hey, I have something to tell you." The love of my life says.  That second, world spinning, tears running, mouth opening without sound. 
One day you're at in high school living at home all with a huge smile The next day you're out in the world thinking the cluelessness will only last a while You have no idea what it is you'd like to do or who you want to be
From converse to heels That's when I knew That maybe, just maybe I'm older… that's new! I'm learning to walk in a much different way
Growing up seemed fun to me, Until I no longer fit on dad's knee.  Counting how many years I had left of school, Knowing it's my learning tool.  One day I no longer had,  All my friends, just my dad. 
These changes keep coming life is not the same as is once used to be back when I ran and played.   Now I've got chores to do and I have to decide what career to pursue
Got a baby on the way 20 years ago Almost to the day So excited at that moment There's nothing I would trade
Worthless Numbers
Well we know it's hard to believe that just a few years ago we were naive. You told us we would grow up and we asked you to remember us while we were small.   You taught and shaped who we are
When I was a little girl, the world couldn't contain my imagination. I was the one who would look at the moon and wonder what it would look like, how brightly it would shine, if it was twice as big.
It's true to say, Every girl has flaws, And it's true that its displayed Every guy has been clawed. But ones for sure, For me it's a personal tour.   I can say that I've loved
Looking at me, you see how hard I try, how hard I push let me tell you why, I'm not beating around the bush Sit down and shut up, keep your remarks and comments till the end
Nobody grows up anymore They get caught up in disappointments Stuck in broken promises Rejected by scenes of what used to be.
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