The Day I Almost Took a Life

The day I almost took a life.

It was July 27th around 7:30 p.m.

It was a very rainy night

My boyfriend and I were coming back from a Chase bank.

Heading South down Stockton Boulevard, having fun, listening to Drake.

Not knowing it was the day I almost took a life.

About 10 feet away from turning into our apartment complex.

And you won’t believe what happened next.

We were traveling at about 15 to 20 mile per hour

These next few seconds, felt like a thousand hours

As I turn into the middle lane my boyfriend yells slow down

Was only driving 10 mph thinking he was talking about another car. It’s almost time to drown.

Drown in my sorrows because it was the day I almost took a life.

I look to my left trying to find the other car he could have been talking about.

Then BOOM!

Our window was shattered. And I begin to shout.

All I remember seeing was a human body hit my windshield.

Within 2 seconds I had the car in park, she was right in front but it felt as far as a football field.

My heart dropped.

Sirens blaring

Faces staring

I was on the spot

It felt as though I had been shot

I felt as though I was her

Yet she did not know me

I couldn’t understand, how could this be.

Hauled off to the nearest hospital, Kaiser, 3 minutes away.

How I will never forget that day.

This day has forever changed my life.

It was the day I almost took a life.

The lady had neck paralysis.

My life was over, according to my analysis

I was so afraid that I could have taken her life in a matter of seconds.

I cried hysterically, I just couldn’t reckon

Recognize that I was no longer a child,

But then that's when I smiled

I smiled because now I try to cherish every moment.

I think about how I shouldn’t stay angry

And that is the greatest component.

Life can change right in front of me.

That’s the moment that made me see.

Before this occasion I always held grudges against people for years.

That simple thought brought me to tears.

Having this experience made me realize nothing is worth holding on to.

Time to stop being a child, time to start doing things like people who are grown do.


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