One day you're at in high school living at home all with a huge smile

The next day you're out in the world thinking the cluelessness will only last a while

You have no idea what it is you'd like to do or who you want to be

So you follow your parents footsteps because they always claim "its not bad being me."

You go to school, you work two jobs, you try your best on your own

You break yourself just to afford a storage unit for your clothes

You pretend your not breaking down, like life is easy and grand

When in reality you aren't even your own fan

You wake up and put on the mask, to pretend that your alright

When internally you're dying deep inside

You let it build inside of you until it's time to break.

Then you snap and try the "easy way out," until you realize it's a mistake.

You pick yourself up, you finally talk to the ones that care the most

You are you, not someone else. You're bodies not meant to be a host. 

You find what you love, you grow and believe it will get better with time.

You follow you're dreams, you work hard as hell. 

and in the end, you finally smile.

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