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I stare at myself in the mirror. Wondering if I look hard enough. If I could see the real me inside this shell of a human.   I squint. I blink.
Its been a long time coming,
Crazy, Curious, Committed Consistently overthinks simple solutions on purpose Invents creative ideas for a better world Determined, Dependable, Dauntless
Life is challenging, Life is hard. In my head im raging, but i keep it cool. With life im taking, opportunities at school. I give my all in everything I do. even though I'm feeling blue,
Who am I? I am the seconds in between breaths where the thoughts creep in I am the smile in the sunshine with the windows down in my jeep
When I was younger, I wanted to be an artist.I wanted to be like my sister who made her room her own personal museum of art,complete with a shooting star as her cieling and a 9 by 12 beach to keep her warm, even in winter.
What do I look like without the flash and eye of my phone?
I am not a daughter.  I am a third parent. I am not a student. I am a never ending question. I am not an employee. I am an asset.  I am not what I appear to be.
Take away Mayfair, Hudson, and X-Pro ll. 
Here I am.  An open book.
I love to have this sophisicated image in public
Before I had a smart phone when i had a stupid one i would take pictures if you could call them that more like fuzzy blobs with a lack of a better filter   before the insta
stop...Stop....STOP The voice get louder and LOUDER their never giving up I'm never caving in
I like to think I'm strong I used to be smart  I used to think I had some feelings bottled in this heart. Maybe I used to be good looking once. What the heck are women?
  Slight pounding in my temples. Cold breeze through my sweater. Spinning, Dizzying merry-go-round. That is my here and now.   Desire for our next event.
We wear our scars with honor They do not understand the meaning And they never will. They are scars of pain, regret, and forgiveness. Scars of misunderstanding and loss Scars that ripped holes into the world
  As a kid. I started writing to try to prove to my friend that I could write better than her because I felt like I didn't feel like I had any talent plus for same strange reason I felt I can do better.
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