Am I A Poet? OR Someone Who Just Writes?



As a kid. I started writing to try to prove to my friend that I could write better than her because I felt like I didn't feel like I had any talent plus for same strange reason I felt I can do better.

It evolved as I first fell in love.

It continued as my life turned into an endless tornado.

My skills have escalated higher than the tops of the highest mountains.

My thoughts are raw like having sex with no condom.

I have no boundaries. I write what i want. I'm the queen of my paper.

It's not something I first tell people. It's something they just have to find out. (my lil secret)

To the point where I've been told to change majors.

I think of it as a therapy.

Not as a gift.


I write to forget the pain.

The painful memories that would never be forgotten.

The ones that if thought about a river would be born.

The ones my family cause. The ones my friends cause. The ones boys cause.

My hospitalization to ease to this pain is to just shut down.

& shoot my self up with words.

& hopefully ingest the pain & anguish

I write when I'm heartbroken.

When my heart feels like its been crushed by the one I gave it too.

When my head is full of memories.

Of love. Simplicity. Kindness. & Connection.

I write because I'm happy.

I'm known for my smile.

I want to share smiles like how hos share their bodies.

I love the experience I've shared with my friends.

The sound of smooth meaningful music. Eases my broken heart & frees my mind.

Freeing my mind makes me forget the pain therefore I smile.

I write when I'm infatuated

The feeling I get when I like someone.

I express with words.

I may sound intense like when you heart the word cancer.

But it really isnt. My analogies just need to be thought about.

Love is a beautiful thing. & I only wish to experience it.

My infatuated words are happy & graceful like a ballerina prancing across the dance floor in her pointe shoes.

Your lucky to even get a poem from me. If I like you.

I write because I'm a fool.

Im weird.

I'll try to stand out in your mind like a zebra with poka dots.

All I want from the people around me is to smile with me.

Because you know that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile.

I write because I'm underestimated.

I act retarded.

Therefore people think I'm not smart.

I work hard to get where I have gotten.

I know my limitations & I know how far I can shoot my gun.

People may be bewildered or maybe even flabbergasted that I know such terminology.

Ha your wrong.

I love the facade of ass I put on.

& when its time to get down & dirty I will be the dirtiest one.

The look on some peoples faces. *shakes head & smirks*

When I come out much better than them. They will then come to the realization that underestimation just generates drive.

I write because of my race

I'm not a normal African American.

I know I'm of Hispanic & Irish decent.

Some people accept me.

Some people make fun of me because they are insecure & they wish to be my skin color.

I always try to be who I am.

& realize my roots.

& just because I'm pasty like glue doesn't mean I don't claim what I am. & where my ancestors come from.

Not alot of Black poets are recognized.

Think about it. who do you know? Maya Angelou. & Langston Hughes come to my mind.

I must segregate from myself from the people who have a way with words & won't use them.

Maybe I can change the world with the words that flow on this screen.

Flowing like water in a creek.

& hopefully find some sort of peace that people seek.


Man. I write for alot of reasons.

I write because I'm just me.

& if I continue to list them

It would be an everlasting story.

Express your thoughts. Let them bleed onto the paper. Open your mind like hos open their legs. & then sometimes to write you have to open your heart like how you open a locket. Gently & carefully.

You don't need to make sense in your writing to everyone else.

As long as you make sense to yourself.

But yes. most of yall classify me as a poet.

I just see it as a regular thing.



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