Strip Me Down Bare: Who am I?


Who am I?

I am the seconds in between breaths where the thoughts creep in

I am the smile in the sunshine with the windows down in my jeep

I am the country song that reminds you of home

I am the rap song that makes no sense

I am the worn out Beatles shirt that my sister gave me

I am the girl who loves animals more than humans

I am the moments when you can’t help but cry for no reason

I am the rainy day and long walks in the fog

I am your favorite face and your laugh that wraps you in a tight embrace

I am the granter of your second chance—again and again

I am the smell of old books and intellect

I am the sleepy morning yawns and the faint smell of puppy kisses

I am the early morning dew in the mountains

I am the waves of the beach crashing upon the shore, demanding an awakening

I am the kitten paws in your face when you wake up on Monday morning

I am doors slamming, screaming, yelling, all packed into deafening silence

I am the faint smell of roses that passes you in a crowd

I am your dreams

I am waiting for you in all these things

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