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Decisions By :Kyndal Griffin   Decisions, Decisions There are many decisions one can make,
If not for hands and feeling I would have been blind, just a women being led by her lover Summer had come and wrenched out the sweet smells of earth from the dirt Flowers had long bloomed over 
        "Liberty and Justice for All",  or so they say.   These words seldom ring truthfully          Every time   I try to love my nation Another black teenager shot dead in the street,
Extra Extra; Read All about it Baltimore is forever rampaged by riots. Violence fuels thier vengence, if that is what it takes. Violence in the white cop, Violence in the black teen.
As we sat in the car  in the midst of evening rush hour we spoke of the riots going on downtown "Yeah I'm glad the blacks are protesting, peaceful or not, they should let out their anger."
I have seen the silence
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