Freddie Gray

As we sat in the car 

in the midst of evening rush hour

we spoke of the riots going on downtown

"Yeah I'm glad the blacks are protesting,

peaceful or not, they should let out their anger."

Institutional racism is a thing.

The movement so powerful, complex.

Anger ignited from unsettlements, confusion, unknown reasons

Perepuating more anger, and racism. 

Maybe one day, years from now

We could say we made it,

through all the oppression, repression and silent deadly consent.

Looting is the only thing that brought mass media coverage to 

Baltimore city, but it also brought awareness.

And maybe one day we could realize that equality is the root of all good,

and that white supremacy though inheritly evil, can teach us compassion

and the ability to see eye to eye, respect and appreciation of a diversity.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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