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Baltimore is forever rampaged by riots.

Violence fuels thier vengence, if that is what it takes.

Violence in the white cop, Violence in the black teen.

No voice of reason can be heard, not even from me.

The voice of an outsider,

A white girl whose barely ninteen.

Seeing the blood run down your streets and the voices that go unheard.

I see your sadness, i see your anger, but what i do not see is an answer.

Why do you ruin your city?

The place you call home?

Why turn on a skin color or a career thats suppose to uphold and support thier own?

I understand the pain, I see the reason behind it.

But can you justify the actions that have been taken? Do they really Rectify it?


They do not.

And they never will.

Younger generations look upon you and wonder still....

Why must a mother go into a crowd, with fear for her son in her eyes.

Why must there be so many different versions? So many lies.

There is one truth, a boy is dead.

Gone forever from this world and HIS parents are filled with dread.

I cannot imagine, i cannot fathom.

The pain that this must bring.

Do you realize the violent actions taken will heal absolutly nothing?

When a community comes together, its suppose to be for the greater good.

For your home to grow and prosper, to clean up your neighborhood.

Stop the violence, and do not fear.

Your voice does not fall on deaf ears.

I hear your pain, i see your passions.

Please change your ways because i cannot fathom

how afraid your children must be

to go to school and see

the violence shown before them on thier classroom T.V.

I know becsause they are just like me.

Do not breed hate, do not breed negativity.

Embrace your differences and see equality.

Be the voice of reason, of whats right and tell the story.

Your voice is a weapon, put down your fists.

Fight for your rights with reason and I promise you; you will win.

No more tear gas, no more jail time.

No more bonds paid to a bondsmen and bonds broken from a crime.

Speak for yourselves, for your children, for you friends.

Speak and never let your words end.

Extra Extra; Read All about it

There will be an end to the Baltimore riots.



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