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By :Kyndal Griffin


Decisions, Decisions

There are many decisions one can make,

The ones with love, the ones with hate,

The ones that build, the ones that break.

Decisions can make or break you,

In 1960 through 1968, minorities caused a serious issue.


Why do the people do so much,

To cause their communities such grief?

The answer was in the decision made by police.

So now the people are running wild

Throwing bricks, breaking glass, looting stores,

Burning cars, buildings, people died and much more,

Everywhere a civilian turned danger was at the door.


Soon things are coming to an end

As more things get destroyed,

Then the national guard comes to silence all the noise.

Please dear people, hear me now,

Do not let history repeat itself

And even though I warn you

I know it will somehow.


Decisions , Decisions

Its about that time again

Come forty-seven years later

A new trial is about to begin

It is 2015, and a bad decision is made.

Once again,

A poor decision by police officers causes a ruckus.

I fear the situation this has brought among us,

A young man in his city, killed in the process.


At first there was a peaceful protest,

But twisted words can fuel commotion

As before people run wild, acting as fools,

With the same old lousy unruly tools.

It takes violence to stop violence

I suppose.


All these people made a decision,

The wrong decision.

I warned you in the beginning,

Now I warn you at the end.

Please don't let history repeat itself,

Once again.


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My community
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Our world
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I created this poem after I researched the civil rights movement, and lived through the Freddie Gray killing and the riots that took place after those events. What really stood out to me was the fact that there were many similarities during the civil rights movements with the rioting and with the rioting that took place in Baltimore after Freddie’s death. To me I saw that history repeated itself in a way that it never should have again.

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