Mount Vernon

If not for hands and feeling I would have been blind, just a women being led by her lover

Summer had come and wrenched out the sweet smells of earth from the dirt

Flowers had long bloomed over 

It was my hand that became his 

My eyes had no say

Our bodies as one descended into the park

The scene was written just for us.


Like holding your head under water everything softened

We stood with our back burning against the city sun

Water gushed from cherub figurines of the fountains

His warmth made me hold on tighter

A musician's calloused hands pulled and smacked at a bass

As the raspy time-beaten voice of a black man sang a song just for us

We were suspended in time, stuck there

Aware of our breathing while birds glided through branches

As other lovers drew closer and we all became more than whom we were individually

Infinity can be spent in the marble carved heart 

I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little, little infinity.

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