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I hear the shrilling cry of the Chibok girls, Abducted in the dead of the night , From their beds taken captive, Forced hurriedly into moving vans. I feel the panting of their hearts,
Hell in Haiti, Hell in Hispaniola Hell in Haiti, Hell in Santo Domingo Hell in Bohio, Hell in Quisqueya
Haití (Ayiti, Bohío, Quisqueya) Hace mucho tiempo Es un país secuestrado Antes del parto de las dañinas bayonetas
            Haiti (Ayiti, Bohio, Quisqueya, Saint-Domingue) Is a long ago Kidnapped country Before the parturition of the harmful bayonets
a red feather soars through december air eyes searching and a red nose   lights sparkle beneath as towns as cities   eyes caught at a window a child
Tell me something 
I want to hear —   like
is still here 
in our world 
with that tigress grin 
an infectious echo 
of character and grace
Can anyone hear me?
Most consider Africa the mot
Where have you gone ? Its been way to long . A nightmare come true. Everyday we search for you. We pray that you are safe. Only thing we want is to see your smiling face.
Kill me or call me here.Set me free or hold me down.Give me a place here or kill me there.Love me or hate me. So will you please...
Restless Are the Children
I remember hearing my dog barking at me as I left. I remember the smell of my mother’s cobbler coming out of the oven. I remember the lawnmower whirring in the distance. I remember dropping the old book I had been reading.
Imagine a world connected to another by waters Puddles surrounding the neighborhood, families losing daughters In the night the creatures roam, kidnapping little girls, making them alter
Sitting in the silence, I’ve waited so long. I’m calling out to darkness, I don’t know what went wrong. The thirst for answers has all but dried. Weeping at the possibility this may be Goodbye.
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