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Haiku 2024 #1   A grey April day Waiting for the sun to shine So the earth will smile   Susan Maree Jeavons  
Missing you comes at the most unexpected hours. I have no idea how? But you have left traces of you all over me and my life, that, Even this sky looks like you, Then how can i say goodbye?
Is grey your favorite color? The shade of stagnation The memory of disappointment The sky on the worst of days   Grey like the colors of your heart The grey from stormy clouds
As I spilled the crimson petals, The air around me, began to fill with it's fragrance. And as the sun began to set, It's rays painted the sky in diff shades of colours. But the sunset that I created,
Who am I? For I flow, down the stream, and fall into a docile dream. Stagnant, and inert   I am but a fly. A sitting and watching pest, who searches, yet finds no next. Lost, and Frantic
The grey eyes open Broke apart the grey Feeding me information Showing me Sealed back up in red Lost back in time Formlessly repeating evolving Hand and arms reaching Gold tribal inbody
Yeah, well, no one's ever accused me of being an optimist.   Besides, my face hurts when I've smiled too much.   The world still seems mostly grey. 
my thousand pound heart lie dormant in my chest feeble now from the effort bumbling softly through my sweater I don’t notice the warmth anymore   cold wind stings my cheeks red
Dear Grey, The stormy clouds, The people you enshroud To the color of a dull and blunt blade   You are the dusk, The color of dust You are the rocks on the bottom of a rough river, 
Oh look at the trees the leaves fall every day the trees dont blink an eye leaves are meant to be this way   So why do we care about the words someone might say about the look of a stare
I’m sitting here In a fairly comfortable leather-coated office chair Surrounded by grey walls Grey walls that neither excite nor inspire Grey walls that match the color of brain matter
Today. Today I question myself Who is in my life? Who cares? and Who holds me back? The answer awaits     You see, for me to ask that I would need to understand myself What do I want?
50 Shades of not just Grey    By: Vivian Ngo There’s only 6 colorson the spectrum.Red, Orange, Yellow,Green, Blue, and Purple.That’s how I was taught.
The sky is dark the land is still The moon peeks over a distant hill An owl begins to screech in the night A lone wolf howls, bathed in moonlight The leaves rustle as the wind starts to blow
For the most part, I am okay. But there are times when I feel blue and grey. Instead of feeling lively and fun, I feel dull and there is no sun.  And when I'm feeling small or down,
I walk to  somewhere on this grey day within  my life of shrewd colors grey In the grey clouds above I spot a flash  of light
We live in a world that's black and white,Wrong and right,And that's okay,Because I am a different shade of grey,
Today I saw a squirrel  and I named it Peanut. I don't know why: he just looked like a Peanut, as in the name and not the food.   He was squat and round, grey whiskers poking out across
I feel like I am falling out of the sky,  down from the highest point. But there are always higher places. and lower.    I am sinking into a world that is too hot and crowded.  
The sun goes back down Days turn a bit longer Time passes much slower Grey tinge fills the air   I'm stuck and defeated Downthrodded and beaten Torn and split on emotions
Love is a state the disallows logic you have not the luxury of such black and white when you love, you love
Love is a state the disallows logic you have not the luxury of such black and white when you love, you love
The first day of middle school, dread and fear. This is what started my eighth grade year.   I knew no one, not one single friend
You can't know meYou don't see my every angleEven the pictures I’m inHide the heart behind the skin
Everyone's got a canvas
In the pitt of subtle sadness, black is a shade. in a state of eternal madness, grey starts to fade. in fixated state of purity, white is a shade. in the aging maturity, A change has been made.
They think that I’m redThe kind of crimson that comes from loud mouths and smart remarksThe scarlet of sarcasm that stems from quick witFrom quips that taste like fire and sound like flame
It takes a while. Speaking. Writing. Communicating. These are all things which people take for granted. Luck. Something which does not come easily to me. Ouch! Unfortunately, this simple word is said a lot. Almost daily. Too often. Brain. Head.
It was only a time to The fallen tribe But I, I lost so much. The string that first unraveled
My days are blurring over Everything turning into one dark grey The thoughts I think all different shades Cool, Dark. Subtle, Sudden. Shocking, Gawking… The greys chase eachother through my mind
I'd rather see beauty in the flaws on the faces than have it all washed away washed away in the rain People are colors, not shades of grey, but colors combine to make grey anyway.
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