My Days


United States
35° 48' 7.0524" N, 78° 53' 41.5464" W

My days are blurring over
Everything turning into one dark grey
The thoughts I think all different shades
Cool, Dark. Subtle, Sudden. Shocking, Gawking…
The greys chase eachother through my mind
Leaving behind trails of letters as they stream along.
Each thought like a speeding train about to come off the tracks at any given second.
My days are blurring over.
My mind is turning grey.
Every day I try to recollect what has happened
and all I can remember is grey
Like the fuzz on a television screen.
Like that t-shirt with the grease stains.
Like the sky when it cries away its woes.
My mind is turning over.
My days are turning grey.
I can’t focus on anything.
People will speak to me and I can’t hear them.
The radio static within my mind overpowering every word they scream at my apathetic face.
The tornado of worthless thought destroying every useful thing I’ve ever acquired.
A swarm of grey punctuation marks just streaming towards me as I sit in awe.

Grey. Just Grey.

My daze is grey.


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