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Writing about you is like writing about the meaning of life There's so many circles and wonderful sayings but no end And I could go on about your eyes and your hands
Stupid little children Piss me off. Vulgar language, Major attitudes, And feeling pretentious. Fuck them.
Dear Chocolate, I'm sorry. We're going to have to break up. It's just not working out.  It's not you. I just don't need you in my life right now. Your presence is only an added weight on my shoulders. And my hips. 
I bottle it up, Push it down. I'll deal with it later. Later is not an option. Now! Now! Everything comes, All at once. The bottle breaks. I'm wrecked. Deal now!
Mondays suck. I'd rather pet a duck, Or maybe a lamb, 'Cuz they're so adorable, man.   You probably hate Mondays too, Enough to whack its inventor with a shoe.
Dazzling people made of gold, Dazzling people made of cold Material, dazzling people made Of glitter and stuck together with glue.   Dazzling people made of lipstick Lipstick, kisses, stains on cheeks
lost in a world of forbidden hope 
While others in this world sit in starvation and misery We gather as a nation to bitch and whine. I mean why not? Aside from a good education, A roof over our heads, People who love us,
I feel I feel I feel farther I'd fall if I was falling
  When I was eleven, I knew what I was going to do and how I was going to get there. I wrote because the world looked better through my eyes.
My heart is racing and I think I don't know why my heart is racing maybe the anticipation of performing is running naked through my head What would they think? Maybe they wouldn't like it
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