The Calm After the Storm

My heart is racing and

I think

I don't know why

my heart is racing

maybe the anticipation

of performing is running naked

through my head

What would they think?

Maybe they wouldn't like it

Well I shouldn't give a fuck

if they like it


...But then, I should

accept constructive criticism....

criticism- maybe not...



I'm crazy

with an ongoing confrontation

with myself?

And breathing is not helping

this anxiety 

Every time I breathe

it comes out as a dying weeze

Gasping for air


Then someone tells me to

calm the fuck down,

 But I can't

calm the fuck down!

Leave me the hell alone!




Okay... breathing...


"Your up next!"



Weezing again!!!


I'm a nervous wreck

barely able to take a step on stage

Wobbling wobbling away

I take my place

at the center of the limelight

Staring into the distance

I take a deep breath and




So real, so relatable

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