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Thought: Power of 1   Too many times we underestimate the power of 1, We look at it and immediately compare “one” to “many” and think, It doesn’t amount to much,
Power was not what I gained Rather what I used Knowledge was what I used And also gained POETRY was a time machine I wrote of the anguish of a slave To say he or she was not important
I am studious and inquisitive, wondering what life has to offer.I wonder about my future family, what kind of mom, wife, and grandparent I will be.
i'm from the united states of america i live in the divided states of america where we are under one nation of God but yet, people don't know him when folks get exasperated, they yell god dammit
in the beginning , God created the heavens and the earth God created mankind to be a perfect image to Him in His image, He created male and female in that same creation, He made us
The butterflies will soon turn to ashes, to just an empty feeling inside, You stare in the mirror. "Take the blade," he whispers. "do it, just one cut. No one's stopping you." One cut, two.
the headline reads on the daily news God Bless America i didn't see any image of Jesus  except a false goof with blonde hair and blue eyes, the way the world perceives him 
To my lovely wife God send me an angel back to my life she is here with me under You Lord it was a lot to ask when i 1st wrote this about 3 years ago at times, there was a sense of agony
behold The Lord is here whether people see Him or not behold The Lord is here whether people like it or not I love The Lord deeply where i fear Him
Father father father you are my everything how wonderful are you No one is perfect but you are expected to
all of you need to hear scriptures that states hear O' heaven lend God your ear but nobody wants to hear because the truth hurts where you don't want to hear therefore you go deaf
everything has its time a time to know our purpose under the beautiful heavenly skies a time to be born  a time to die a time to plant seeds a time it multiplies a time it dies a time to kill
where are your hearts men? with The Lord where your heart is pure like a clean conscious or harden like a lion roaring with no teeth where are your hearts men? don't go by your hearts that will mislead
to comprehend wisdom and decree perceive words of understanding its meaning receive instructions of wisdom that applies to the ones who are wise justice, discernment, and impartiality prudence is given to the simple
the world hates me already the world hates me even more that i have You in me the world hates You before me the words of righteousness from my mouth that speaks wisdom of authentic truth the world was never ready
She asked Him a question   which was an interesting one it was just that   suppose if He had not met Her in His life   what would He have felt missed in His life?  
Earl Sweatshirt bumping in my headphones. You there blue haired. Me dazed by intelegence radiating out from your mind left open.
I am writing this to you. My love, my ecstacy, the one and only I come to.   You know who you are,
I used to be here, Didn't we all. History shows, Powerful nations, Always fall. But we never worry, Never show fear.  Just shake our fists,  And drink a beer. No! Don't cry,
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