The Power of 1

Thought: Power of 1


Too many times we underestimate the power of 1,

We look at it and immediately compare “one” to “many” and think,

It doesn’t amount to much,

As if “1 cent” a million times over doesn’t amount to much,

Or “1 thought” didn’t make its way from curiosity, into action “1 day” at a time,

And form a media platform for “1” to communicate to “many”,

Or as if “One” man didn’t come from the Heavens to save “many”.  

And it’s funny how “One” has now turned into many in many different nations today, 

I’m not saying “one” is all that is needed.. 

But it’s always a great start,

Even if it’s the 1(st) step. 

Every successful person knows that every “one day” started with day “1”,


So how much is “One” worth to you? And how many will string together?

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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