the real me

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Without the filter I am weak. The filter makes me feel strong. Without the filter I do not belong. The filter makes me feel like one of you. Without the filter I am blue.
Who am I? Who could I be?
The laughs of my loved ones; The tears that fall into droplets on my pillow; The sigh of relief after a long day; The clap of an audience after a race; The magical sound of music coming from within;
Though nobody knows Though nobody knows inside i'm tangled, as if a milion baby spiders creating a home at once Though nobody knows, the future clouds my mind
Cold, dark and miserable Was told it was part of being a criminal  But why title me that?  It's not like you know all the facts True I don't know how to act But at least I stay true to my colors 
The real me is a bit hard to explain, I'm sad when I'm alone Yet happy when with others. When I'm in pain I hide it all. I am hard, like a stone, But too soft for my brothers...
The Real Me People always tell me to be me To be the one of a kind me To be the real me To not be afraid to be me  
Here I am.
If I told you I could see spirits would you b
You said we are friends. were friends till the end but what you do not see is the real me. All I want do is to make you see the guy inside me. Inside all the fear inside the fat and tears I want you to see the real me.
Everyone thinks my life is a breeze, and that I get by with ease. Everyone thinks I'm rich and snobby, and shopping is something I do as an everyday hobby.
when I'm here no one else is
When I think of “my identity”, I think, “The naturally straight-A son, the church goer who worships God, the boy who likes girls. This is me.
That smart girl at the back of the room Who is she?   "Just a two-dimentional nerd" As if, I'm so weird I'm four-dimentional "She is too busy studying to have a life"
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