The I in Me


Cold, dark and miserable

Was told it was part of being a criminal 

But why title me that? 

It's not like you know all the facts

True I don't know how to act

But at least I stay true to my colors 

By the way don't expect any favors 

You never got to know me

Yet you won't let me be

What I want to be

I'm a poet lost in my dreams 

You couldn't imagine what I've seen

What I've done

Or even worse, what I've become

You might think it's dumb

But you're empty minded

Blinded by the same light by which i was once guided 

I chose a different route

I'm still thankful I got out

That life I wasn't about

Well it's about time for change 

Tired of living on loose change

Show no shame for changing up the game

Without pain there ain't no gain

But I'm gaining up so I'm in a world of hurt

It's about time I put in work

And I don't mean the dirty kind

It'll be clean for the first time

This is me 

This is I

The old me is still off getting high 

The new me is finally getting by

Finally getting to buy 

Clothes, food, jewlry the list stacks up high

So this is it, this is me

I choose my own destiny 







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