That smart girl at the back of the room

Who is she?


"Just a two-dimentional nerd"

As if, I'm so weird I'm four-dimentional

"She is too busy studying to have a life"

Really? That's not what my friends say when we hang out every weekend.

"She's too much of a goody-two-shoes, she hasn't even gotten a detention"

I have better things to do then to sit around in a stuffy room for two hours after school, waiting for the time where I can be freed from that bland classroom.

"She's the typical nerd, she hates sports"

Actually, I love them, but I hate how a little competion turns into a big fight, I'll just play for fun with my friends.

"Don't talk to her about our plans, she'll just get us in trouble"

Right, because I have time for that. I don't, I'd rather just listen to you as you complain on Monday morning about how your parents caught you, and now you're grounded. It's hilarious.


That innocent girl that smiles a lot

Who is she?


"She had a wonderful childhood"

I didn't. I had to grow up so fast due to my dad. My childhood spanned from a baby til I was about four years old, from then on, I worried about my family, and did the best I could to protect them.

"She always smiles, she has no reason to be sad"

Wrong, my parents fight all the time, and I can't stand to be at home.

"She has the perfect life. I swear if I hear her whine about something I'm gonna give her an earful."

My dad is a violent drug and alcohol abusing jerk. Is that how you define 'perfect'?

"She's too innocent, she knows nothing about the bad things in life"

I'm probably more knowledgable than you. My parents finally got a divorce, I've lived through hell, and I'm still dealing with my dad's nightmarish antics.

"She looks like the type that would listen to Taylor Swift and cry."

When I'm not listening to Kpop or Jpop, I mostly listen to Breaking Benjamin, Panic! At the disco, and Linkin Park, but I can seriously see how you can mistake them for Taylor Swift.


That quiet girl at the back of the room

Who is she?


"She's too quiet. She should talk more."

Why? I've tried all you're going to do is make fun of me. I don't want or need to deal with that.

"She's really stuck up."

Because I don't talk and don't want to deal with the crap you dish out, I'm stuck up? Okay, fine. I'm the most stuck up person in the world.

"She's too bland for my tastes. She wont make any freinds like that."

Really? Tell that to the friends I talk to every day. Lets see what they say. Maybe the fact that you're too stuck on the fact that I'm quiet, is blinding you from seeing the shining star that I am, or maybe I'm just shining too much?

"She must hate life"

Despite all that I've had to go through, I don't hate life. I cherish every moment of it. Thus, why I spend my time with friends who actually care for me.


Anastasia Michalak

Who is she?


I'm all three of the girls above.

All of the things in quotes are things that other people have actually said to or about me.

I remember because they always left some sort of impact on me.

I've gone through so much, yet only a few people have cared to see the real me.

Those are the people I'm going to spend my life with.

Though I've had trouble bouncing back from some of the things that happened, I always managed to do it.

The REAL me is someone who is resilliant, interesting, funny, smart, unpredictable, and weird. 


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