The Real Me...


The real me is a bit hard to explain,

I'm sad when I'm alone

Yet happy when with others.

When I'm in pain

I hide it all. I am hard, like a stone,

But too soft for my brothers...

Oh and I can't forget my sister!


My child like behavior,

Is because I don't want to grow old.

Yet I know I have to stop this act

And let myself grow to save her,

Because I too can be bold!

Even if I have to join the pact

To leave my childhood forever...


No... I can't do that! They need me!

I must protect everyone like this!

My smiles and laughs heal all

Of the sick, sad, or even be the key

To fixing the world! No one would miss

War or Hate! They would rather fall

Dead than let their happiness end...


I would be loved by everyone...

But that's what's wrong with my head

I only want one thing...

Its worth more than a ton

Of gold or silver. One word said...

I'd be so happy I'd sing...

That word is love...



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