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Attachment is too risky Attachment is a universal sign of something that can be broken Whether it be from love, hardship, differences 
Attachment is the enemy of man, A flame and all you know a fan. A dreadful thing yet sought out by many, Only god could have such a sick sense of irony. Seeking out the tiger in the dead of night,
I have done everything in my power to become detached from the world. Reassuring my decision every time I stare into your eyes. My means of survival solely in the revival of your lips.
As you embark on this journey of life It is imperative that you know I am with you Although we're miles apart In distance and in heart Somehow, I will remain with you
She sat on the shelf Unchanging, By herself, Always there, Her golden eyes, Vague and unseeing; Blind.   She's sat alone For longer Than I've known,
My king of the sun, Golden and unreachable My heart hopes, but it knows. Knows that you are nothing but a dream A beautiful love that will never be real And I think it's because It was I who trapped myself. You were the shining hero clad in gliste
Today I saw you’re the books your favorite author wrote. I still have all those books you gave me sitting in a pile under a small blue table that you helped me build one day when my parents weren’t home.
Hand me a pair of scissors I’ll cut the steel ropes That led straight to your heart At least I’ll try If only I could get closer to you That end of the rope is the thinnest
This stress triggers my anxietybecause I can’t handle you being mad at mefor any reason. It makes me nervous.I think, "Do I really deserve this?"or is my mind just ten steps ahead of reality?
For I am only human, I long for his touch, His scent, His grace,  His trace.   When he is no longer near, I whimper like a pup. I do not show this side because I know
You extracted all the good from your heart, and injected yourself into my veins. As your love flowed through me I was overcame with a surge of euphoria, a rush so powerful it left my palms sweaty and my mouth dry.
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