Entry #1

As you embark on this journey of life
It is imperative that you know
I am with you
Although we're miles apart
In distance and in heart
Somehow, I will remain with you
I will be with you when they tell me to move on
That I am wasting my time
But it is important that you know
in my foreknown
The sun doesn't shine
Unless my hands are interlocked with your own
I am with you
In the steps that you take
In the moves that you make
As your hips twist and shake
When you hit that field
My heart will yield
I am with you
In the music the wind makes
Weaving and undulating through every obstacle that comes across it
Dancing with the air in a tango
For me, I am the wind
And you, my air
Some say that a mother's love is incomparable
But the love of a could-be wife is unstoppable
My love for you will never cease


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