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Her eyes wander in utter forlorn Wandering across the ink that adorns her face in blotched stains of red Crying rivers of disgust as her clouds are evident through the fake pigment she hides behind
  Did you see her? Did you admire her?   Did think that she notices you? Did you believe that she loved true?   If that happened, you'd be considered the hero
I observe & your face says it all When I’m pleasinWhen I’m teasinWhen I’m eatin..Juices like honey Natural & raw 
If I could look into your eyes deeply, see your soul Your baby soul. Like remembering my own; you'd know I love you forreal, embraced in a cradle. Admiring soul
Don’t let people burn you, for you are already a gracious fire. Don’t let people use you, for you have so much value.   They’ll come to you for warmth,
          Dear Samantha, My dearest Samantha. This letter has found you which makes my heart soar  to the heavens. I cannot hide my feelings for you within, so I include them in this letter.
Sweet and delicate Leaving a stain on the earth As I awaken   Following it's glow  As my eyes decipher its beauty   Getting a warm and cool aura  
Thouest are but a wonder to mine heart, For earth is thine heart and heaven thy skin. Compare I thee to the world's greatest art, rare is thy beauty a commodity to mine soul within.
I wear my heart on my sleeve  I'm conceited and self-conscious don't forget selfish and needy  but even with all of these I didn't see  you coming until you were right in front of me. 
What would I do without her?! I am what I am because of her I do what I can to be her Independent, positive, a walking heart She's too admirable to be true. Day by day
your skin. my blanket.keeps me warm, and secure no matter howweak or strong the touch. your lips. my lifeproviding me with everything I need to makeit to tomorrow.
There once was a girl that I beagn to admire but one that I knew that I'd never acquire for as I sunk, she rose and aspired and that put an end to my desire
They see a pretty face Divine beauty insurmountable to replace I see her angel kiss freckles Untainted worth no amount of empty shekels. The strongest flower my naked eyes have seen
Maybe one day I will find someone who doesn't see right through me Change the path he's walking
i admire the crayons for no matter how you push or how hard the pressure they'll pick themselves up and cling to their other i admire the crayons for when in times of stress they melt together
"Hey! Remember me?No?Come on! Don’t you recognize me? Your best bud since that quiet scary night in 93. You were just a babe, remember, sleeping in the dark? When I swept in like a clever snake and crept into your heart.
Time enchants her victim, begs me near to sharp being…Wraps round frail shoulders as she tickles porcelain cheek.
Someone once asked me the question, “What are your fears and your dreams?”
It's too hot, It's too cold, I'm tired, I don't want to go. All excuses to escape and hide from your fears and failures but what is really the thing
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