Dear Samantha

          Dear Samantha,

My dearest Samantha. This letter has found you which makes my heart soar 

to the heavens. I cannot hide my feelings for you within, so I include them in this


When I first met you I was nervous without end,

however your smile always made my embarrassment worthwhile in

every moment,

every fleeting second.

I knew you for such little time and it pains me because I couldn't muster the

courage to pronounce the feelings I have for you. Now they are locked away to this page where hopefully,

they will find rest.

By God!

Your smile,

Your soft lips,

Your every curve that is your beautiful face!

You make my heart dance and fly when I dream of seeing you again.

However it may never happen.

I want,

I yearn,

I beg for you in every



second of my existence…

but I cannot have you because you do not feel the same. I am pained by this love for you,

my Samantha,

which haunts my dreams, weighs my heart so that it may not soar

but cry… alone.

I feel in this moment that my heart suffers to great a strain from this…


And it kills me.

You, Samantha are unequivocally the source of

my feelings,

my pain,

my joy.

I believe that you have given me my first true embrace in the emotion that is,


I say all of this after knowing for mere hours,

not weeks,

nor years.

It is my hope that when you find the man worthy of you, that he is in awe of you as much as I am if not tenfold!

Because you, my Samantha, my sweet Samantha are the very definition of an angel fallen Heaven. Not from fall from grace or accident but by the

power of God.

God has put you upon this soil to give man a true show of

His Love,

His Compassion!

You Samantha are the love of my life, but these emotions I feel will never meet the light of your


gentle eyes.

And for this, I weep.

I write these words on paper so I may find peace, however,

You Samantha,

My Samantha Haydel,

I feel will always be part of me. I cannot come to feel you ever fade from mind but instead build empires. And for that,

this feeling of great joy and great sorrow,

I thank you and miss you.

I have you in my mind and love you,

            Your loving Admirer,

            Patrick Kindred

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