Thouest are but a wonder to mine heart,
For earth is thine heart and heaven thy skin.
Compare I thee to the world's greatest art, rare is thy beauty a commodity to mine soul within.

How beautiful! How beautiful! Are thee not a miracle, fashioned and moulded that thou art envied even by Aphrodite.
A captivating essence that taketh one's breath away.
For thine beauty are inhaled by men far and away.
Thouest scent inspires mine eyes to watch over thee.
Thou art the fairest of them all to me
And the eyes of thine own are but a miracle to day;
Ne'er before hath I encountered such pulchritudinous as thine dignity that wouldst ne'er decay.
Thou fertility are but as propitious as the caption of the sea.

Thouest smile gives me hope,
and thy stare gives me a shiver.
Unthinkable I wouldst do for thee; I'd elope.
The touch of thy flesh arouses mine mind like thine body are caressed by soap.
And I'd do all I can to have thee as mine lover,

For thouest I wouldst love thee for a thousand years.
For thouesat I wouldst die a thousand years.

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