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With a big smile on the face,carryng their little wrapped box in their head they approach you. Before you have time to reveal yourself they desire to zap your power and pull out the little box
We start off life bright eyed and bushy tailed.Everyone is in our corner,Telling us that the world is our oyster,And we can be whatever we want to be.
Why don't you stand up, And address the class, since you're so keen On starting offhand conversations?   Austerity catapults into
You could define me in many ways Artist, basket case, dreamer, hypocrite, athlete, student, introvert, curious, a mystery. I am none of these completely, but I am all of these to an extent.
Who are we?  What are we to be? What have we to see? I know who I am.
          See the people in the streets, barely any clothes on their backs and no shoes on their feet. They have nothing but empty bottle packs
-Redefine beauty. Extract all the melanin from my skin, or add just a bit more to yours and let's see what difference it makes in our personalities. No change.
White Washed I get jokes and pokes about my lack of pigment lack of accent and I hear the constant chorus singing "Well you're smart because you're Asian."
(poems go hereSociety creates labels and tries to decide a young person’s amount of success They create a caste system and determine what our future holds next
Why do individuals that make up a large body of people, each connected with each other in some way or form; Label each other?
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