People in the Streets


          See the people in the streets, barely any clothes on their backs and no shoes on their feet.

They have nothing but empty bottle packs

They have no place to sleep, no place to be like any store around here is cheap?

Cheap enough for them to see that they've got no cents in their pockets like we have loose change flying around

          You see... we've upgraded from the minted coins to the paper dollars

Walking around with painstaking loans

You walk by them with out any recognition, fixing your collars

You see, we've gotten so used to breathing this air

Air of corruption and pollution

But don't you think it's unfair?

Unfair enough, that the governments only solution is to take more to help the welfare of another country?

But why not us? Our own home

Why not fight? 

Fight for our individuality because we are very bright

You see? Those people in the street with no shoes on their feet

And their backs Raw and Bare

Raw and Bare form the lashes of their memories whipped on their backs by society

Their mangled body shows that with each day their hunger grows inside for something better

Making them weak

Their tangled hair shows the desperation in trying to end this endless suffering

They ALL believe that with time their death will soon near.

Those people with no shoes on their feet walk around our society like roaches we think we have to rid of

But don't you see? WE are the ones who made them addicted to drugs and alcohol

And rose the pain in paying taxes

Too high to the point where we are kicked out and foreclosed

the kids we see in the street? The ones we say are juveniles and delinquents?

Getting high off of marijuana 

They didn't choose the "thug" life, nor vice versa 

We brought it upon them with Lil' Wayne and  Justin Beiber

Turning innocence into nonsense 

Our society is so messed up we have criminals being set free and the government cannot be pleased

You see? 

In the fourth grade my generation took a test... 

You know what happened if you failed?

"That's one more bed to add to the prison down the street"

We are labeled as society's laze, failed generation

Girls at only age 12 turning to prostitution because society says they aren't up-to-par and not worth anything in life

But wasn't it past generations that made us this way?

We had no one to greet and no one to meet just people to beat coming to the "New Country" And blaming us for their country's problems?

They take a look at me and call me stupid and a failure

Haven't we all been there?

You see, we wrap ourselves in the "American Dream" which gets torn at the seam in our imagination

And the only guilty pleasure in life is waking up every morning breathing semi-fresh air

Sooner or later we'll end up like the LORAX and live in a giant bubble and have to "buy" our own air

We plague the innocent with lung disease and asthma because of the green goop WE created!

We are so advanced in technology that we don't even realize we are lost in society and we have lost our sanity

Yet we still have people in the street with no shoes on their feet gasping for life

Their eyes trying to find what society used to be 

But now all we are to the world is a pest with all of our crime and corruption

There are a few good people in this world who don't deserve this 

They deserve the right to vote and the right to free speech but We ARE SO CORRUPTED that we don't even know that society has finally caught up with us

Do You See, Now?



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