Why don't you stand up,

And address the class, since you're so keen

On starting offhand conversations?


Austerity catapults into

Catalogs of what was once prosperity,

When, on the inside, I was just like you.


“Compliance breeds excellency,”

Says Jesus, sipping his Margarita

Still glued to the TV.


Let’s all go to Mexico, start a band

A riot, make love, and bleed out in the street.

I’m so tired of cutting my nails and changing places.


My thoughts go numb,

I’m so distracted by floaters and schisms,

And the illusion of freedom.


My brain peels, impromptu,

Like a lemon running for president.

Stupid; strewing askew, the new you.


“We don’t take these things lightly.”

Yeah, but you can’t prove I don’t enjoy it.

Longevity does not guarantee stability.


You keep me be, for what reason?

I love me even when I’m off my medication.

Mickey Mouse and colored spiders rip my tongue to ribbons.


Like radio noise and sonic warfare,

The cars outside go barreling by,

Disemboweling the night without mercy.


And I’m mopping up rain and Sangria

Like an old man wearing chains,

While the youth around me withers.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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