beauty standards

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She gazes upon newfound eyes lost from her wireframes, Pause for a moment and you can see her for a flicker Why now is she lovely? In this parallel world of film,
I fell in love with a man who lives in a world of black and white Doesn't quite see something that isnt at sight I stand in the front light to make sure that I shine, but my color's to bright almost seems to blind 
Society tells me that I am not beautiful. That because I am not a size two super model with perfect skin, I am ugly.   Society tells me that I am not beautiful.
Imma take you all back to the Civil Rights Team When Martin Luther King came n the scene  Emotional About some dream  And you see he wanted us to believe That love was the key 
Here I am hangin my head with a noose  I could simply choose \Buzz of Role Models tell me not to Refuse I thought I could trust your cues But the very people I idolize teach me to lose
Lightskin was my dream Ignorant to my beauty My reflction was my nightmare But I lived in darkskin  Brown as can be My skin was my hated reality How can I live with such low self esteem
"Just A Worldly Note" Here I stand in front of you, a natural body Something that was given to me by ancestors I am unfamiliar with As I twirl these labels that give you a confidence are thrown at me sending me into a endless loop of deteriorating
‘Life is hard,’ they tell me ‘But enjoy it to its fullest.’ Be who you want to be, But only as long as you fit our standards Everyone is beautiful, But some only on the inside Ethnicity doesn’t matter,
It's a free country, they said. There are free rights, they said. You won't be victimized because of your unchangeable aspects, they said. They said that everyone will be treated equal in the United States of America.
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