‘Life is hard,’ they tell me

‘But enjoy it to its fullest.’

Be who you want to be,

But only as long as you fit our standards

Everyone is beautiful,

But some only on the inside

Ethnicity doesn’t matter,

As long as you’re white

All genders are equal,

But men are better

We accept you for who you are,

But if you’re different you’re going to hell

Our love is unwavering,

As long as you are exactly the same

Creativity is important,

But everyone must think alike

Intelligence isn’t important,

But you’re too stupid to pass

Stand up for yourself!

But if you do you’re a bitch

Men and women can be friends,

But only if it’s for sex

POCs are people too,

But don’t forget they’re dangerous

We live in a world,

That is ruled by standards

Different is bad,

Unless everyone else says otherwise

If you believe one thing,

But the majority another,

Then you go with the flow,

Or else be cast out

In this society of hypocrites

Say one thing,

Do another

Promise everything

Give them nothing

This poem is about: 
Our world


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