affects of alcohol

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You crave, while I cave.I can see the sweat, on your face. Falling like rain.You think it’s cool, I think you’re a fool.You promised to give me joy, All you did was destroy.Relationships, lives, bank accounts you see.You ruined it all with one lit
This poem is about how a close friend getting in a fatal car accident inspired me to raise awareness for the dangers of driving under the influence.  Just one, I have to drive home
It started with pain in her bellyHer vision became blurryHer legs refused to listen to her mindThe pain, the physical painunbearableHer handsClumsybut not too clumsy to pour a drink
Its my senior year High school or college you can decide Not like i can remember either one I find myself waking up on some stranger’s bathroom floor Maybe my own
Once upon a time, there was a teenaged girl on a vacation with her sister, mother, and father. After running out of data and battery, Alice's iPhone needed a charger.
Daddy fell asleep again on the kitchen floor Still clinging to his bottle like a hundred times before Liquor was the demon that he sold his soul to get Then drug us all through hell with no mercy or regret
  It’s really nice to see you again, though you are wallowing in self pity I could smell the alcohol from the driveway as you sauntered your way in through the door
My friends are the most beautiful people I know. I was struck in the moment when I realized we build walls around certain stories because we are  too scared to reveal ourselves,
I used to sit up high perched on daddy’s shoulders watching the world go by, I wonder will I grow up to be as tall and strong as daddy?
Bottles on the floor, you walked out the door Hours would pass, I watched you drink the whole glass
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