Just One

This poem is about how a close friend getting in a fatal car accident inspired me to raise awareness for the dangers of driving under the influence. 

Just one, I have to drive home

The velvety wine strokes your tongue and warms your throat 

Your head is spinning with the beautiful ruckus

While watching the lively energy control people like puppets 

The chamber is humming with activity and it feels like paradise 

Your car keys in your pocket press against your leg like ice 

The smiles of your friends decrease your desire to depart

One more glass surely won't hurt



The fresh breeze blows through the window to your cheeks, red as blood 

Your head spinning from the extra glass of wine, are the lights supposed to be blurred? 

The upbeat jazz blasting on the radio can be heard from miles away

There may be many dark things in this world but you're too happy to be afraid 

A pure blue car snaps you out of utopian bliss

Did you hit or did you miss?

Red hair flashing in front of you, or is it blood?

Maybe one glass of wine would've been enough

The violent silence fills the air like a scream 

The silence enhanced by the jazz which now has turned sad, it feels like a scary dream

Sirens slice through the silence like a sword

Can the sharp sirens turn red hair into blood? 

Everything is blue, everything is red 

And suddenly the overwhelming, dismal black pervades your spinning head



The dull white hospital walls

And the beeping which interrupts every thought

The doctors telling you you will be alright 

But was the glass of wine worth risking a life? 

A life of another one. 

What have you done? 

The red hair slithers up the wall and wraps around your hospital tubes like they're prey

Yet you're not the victim, she is. 

Is she okay? 

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This poem is about: 
Our world


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