Bottles on the floor, you walked out the door
Hours would pass, I watched you drink the whole glass
I saw your worst yet hoped for your best, I didnt want to leave you like the rest
You said you loved me and would stop, yet the time is still clicking on the clock
You didnt come home that night so they took me away, do you even regret that day
You called me and tried to explain, but I was in too much pain
You were too far gone to remember the things you would say, words cut deep and scars made way
You continue to hurt me, even to this day
Breathing in suicide and exhaling hate, i was there when you tried to change your fate
You had told me to just look away, but i saved your life that day
I held your hand through it all
You had put me through hell and couldn't even tell
Yet, I will still be here for you until the end
I am not only your daughter, but your friend.



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