Bottled Up Stories

My friends are the most beautiful people I know.

I was struck in the moment when I realized

we build walls around certain stories because we are  too scared to reveal ourselves,

Stories we’ve have been holding on for so long

It’s a dark side we don’t want to face,

not in the moment or even later,

and I think that’s why he wants to become an engineer.

He build so many walls around his fragile heart,

he forgot what he had started,

what is home anymore

because all he knew is emptiness just like his bottles.

Frustration, his vaccination;

He believes the answers is at the bottom of the bottle.

But he doesn't find one.

So he takes another one.


And to to her, empty bottles are like trophies.

Both had bottled up themselves for so long,

they don't know anything else other than empty bottles.  

The other night he tried selling his soul to the devil,

But the devil wiped it clean, and told him to be more careful.

His electric veins is attached to a broken cord.

As I touched the bits and broken pieces,

I was electrocuted by each line he spoke about his story.

About hers.

She slurs,

Lost in love.

She knows she is beautiful, but she was not his to touch.

She drinks the smokey liquid but his sentences aren’t getting any sweeter.

She drinks Captain because she felt like she needed guidance.

Drink after another she unloads her baggage,

and alcohol burns,

but not as much the mark her father left on her.

As I sip the bitter sweet taste of vodka,




Together, suddenly the rain is hilarious and the moon starts to wobble

You tell me you don’t want to be here anymore.

And I’m pouring out like the clouds that cries for help.

Sometimes you have to breathe a little harder,

Sometimes you have to walk a little farther,

Sometimes you have to live a little longer

Because I still need you.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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