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  Lad's reveries on mountain-toplet memories escape nonstop.Astir from dream-mares wogging pate,fog's arms around his slack slow gait.  
Night after night, I somehow find myself  Closer to you than I have ever felt. The time spent with you seems eternal. I feel as if I know everything about you Even when you don't speak.
So It’s CLEAR That ILLUSIONS Are Now Being PROVEN ... !!! So ... Alphabet Genders Are Now The TRENDSETTERS ... !!!
Jack of all trades, yet  master of none Is it better to have multiple people? more places to go but nowhere to reside As I wake up,I sift through myself
We are the unfortunate ones, The ones forged by ash and claimed by fire, The ones whose whispers they hear as they dance through the blood red sky,
In the beginning, I had no idea who you were  You were a mystery that I didn't know existed. Your spell on me began to grow ever more And I know I could not resist it.  
I've come to the conclusion that love is just an illusion It's a work of art to your heart A tragedy to your sense of mind It's a burning desire in which you admire, In the end of this game your prize is a heartache
Imitation stars.Bright lights for a shadow heart.Wonder where the imitation starts And he begins.
The illusion of perfect symmetry, holds us from grabbing our key. Fabricated poise and sophisticated balance, shakes us to our decrepit core. Surreal intellect and courage so strong
Human Rights These are rights that are endowed to every human, rights that make us all equals. I cannot live without human rights, taking away these rights takes away my humanity.
She is recollections of my past life, And she lurks in the walls of my terrified mind. I've been hearing mesmeric whispers from every direction, Even though she is nowhere in sight.
A clock Man created An attempt to measure An unfathomable concept
the mirror was an illusion, the silence was the truth. so many illusions fill the air, hang down on our shoulders, shine in our eyes. too much you do not see.   i want to tell you the truth:
All that is constructed is doomed to destruction.
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