Teen Pregnancies

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One drink was all; in the beginning. Free, from a man across the bar. One kiss was all; in the beginning. Turning into an awkward morning at his place.
This generation Did you know that 17 million teens become pregnant each year?, or that 2.5 million teens die EVERY YEAR because of alcohol?Makes you think doesn't it?
Walking down the hall way Everybody just has to stare and whisper I'm pregnant, not a freak School was a new hell for me Oh Lord, why me Whore, Hoe, Slut, almost like a new name
  You put the dirt on me
I sit down, New baby in my hands. I look around our rundown apartment; “Where is he?” I whisper to the sleeping bundle in my arms. I already know the answer, He left; Never coming home.
To my anonymous adolescent, I’m sorry. Sorry for suppressing your existence and never giving you the chance to clock in and serve your time here on this earth.
I left the birthing house a while ago. A haven of mournful mothers and cries of new breaths pierced the air— absent the slap of fathers.  
The Young Lady,
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