Sixteen and Pregnant

The Young Lady,
Sexual expressing the contents of her purity to a non worthy candidate who can care less about the warmth of her mind, body, and soul, Indulging in unprotected pleasures experiencing adult passion lead her to a round stomach housing precious life she wasn't ready to bring into the world because of her days as a high schooler, 9 months pass and he disappears as she bares the pain of pushing that could of been avoided with rubber protection or control that does its best to prevent the birth process, Child at 16 and 2 years of learning to go mixes with retail money brought in to support the life that did not ask to be here, Waiting for the right him at the correct age could have prevented early parenthood, But sex is misunderstood and protection is taking for granted, Her life forever changed, Realizing this as she picks a name.




I like this Ilke the language you used && I really liked the line "sex is misunderstood && protection is taking for granted". I felt your poem had a flow and it was a very pretty . . . I wonder what kind of impact it might have on people if it was read or made into a video . . . i think you might get a stronger impact (:

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