This Generation

This generation Did you know that 17 million teens become pregnant each year?, or that 2.5 million teens die EVERY YEAR because of alcohol?
Makes you think doesn't it?
These things that seem so fun and harmless actually aren't so innocent and painless. Then as older generations wonder why teen depression rates are going up and grades are going down they don't stop and look at themselves but they stop to frown. They don't think about how they raised their children but then are sad when the life their kids lead actually, killed them. When kids go from binge-eating, to no sleeping. When they get high on drugs yet hit rock bottom inside. When all the teachers see are low grades and unfinished assignments while all these teens see naked photos and their friends temper rising, because one girl sent naked photos to a different guy and another guy complains that he never even had to try to get these photos but got them for no reason when friends committed  acts of "treason", against one another because they are treating girls like objects instead of focusing on school projects.
That will be the day won't it?
When teens stop looking up videos of girls twerking and actually start working, at school, at life, at making friendships that are right.
When they clear their minds of sex and start focusing on what's best. Best for them, best for friends, for family, for the environment, for their future, for him and her. Because we have a life to live too. It's hard enough to have your own problems, but it's even harder when you are 16 with a baby daughter.
It's hard to live your own life when you want your child's to be right, especially when you have school and classes and a job and you work and serve the masses, of people that you work for. Then you go home to your room in your parents house to your little baby that has been crying for 4, hours, because you left at 8am for school and go home at 10pm after work. When that gives you 20 minutes to see your child before the depression that comes and lurks in the shadows pounces on you and slows you down. Only the next day parents find their daughter wearing a crown, of rope, because it was too much for her to handle.
This is the reality for parents with kids that strangle, themselves.
Kids with so much potential, so much time ahead of them to make a change, make a difference, do some good, yet they end their lives because they wanted to fit in and didn't do what they should. So excuse me if this comes as a shock to you when I say I want teens to be a little less mature and when I want parents to ensure, that everything will be alright and we are not alone in this fight. This war on teens and alcohol and sex, depression and death. But that's not right. This world is full of wars so why add another one am I right?
Instead of calling it a war or a fight, why not call it, a better way to sleep at night. Because when parents can sleep rest assured that their kids are safe at night and not running around under street lights feeling as high as kite, we will all sleep better. Knowing that everyone's life matters. So why as a generation do we get so caught up on drugs, sex and alcohol?
Why do we need technological stimulation and the latest game for the new PlayStation? Because in my opinion, we would all live better if we actually had a face to face conversation. Not with the guy or girl you end up sleeping with or the guy that wanted you to be the one he went drinking with, but a conversation with our families, you know, the ones we grew up with. (When we wish our lives away from the moment we learn how to think for ourselves. From wanting to be old enough to go to school to wanting to be old enough for rollercoasters and games. When we then want to be able to drive and drink alcohol and buy our own house and live a life of fame. Because as we wish our lives away we lose focus and proper sight. When it's not what we want, but what we need every night, like clothing and food, bed and shelter. When we realise our privileges it's when we will start to stop melting our lives away waiting for the next big milestone instead of focusing on the present and your current zone.) -Martin Culleton.
November 1st 2015 @PrinceEa


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