Past Lessons



You put the dirt on me

I was silky and clean

Innocent and Naïve

I thought this was something I wanted

But now that I think of it

I only wanted your attention

It could’ve been given to me through speech

You could’ve attended to me through your presence

We could’ve been playing something as simple as Hide N Seek

But instead you choose to depreciate me

Lessen me to nothing more than my flesh

You thought this would make you the man you see on a screen

Well tell me, Do you feel Manly?

How many more do you think you need until you become this title

You so vaguely seek?

Now that I think of it(think think think)

Its not just you,  Its also me...

I should’ve never went through you, to find the definition of me

Now I sit waiting unpatiently, hoping that I get my monthly

Now Im in the Planned Parenthood with my school backpack

Feeling Embarassed as a look at the other girls who are just like me

Scared, Confused. Not ready to become an adult

Feeling that my body has been used.

The clerk mistreats me

I feel that I have been conquered; defeated.

Just as soon as I go into the bathroom

For my pee test

My Aunt Flo comes to see me..


Question:Have I learned my lesson?


I I greet it...!!


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