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Take a trip with me to lands unheard of Through hidden passages, secret doors, and unknown chambers deep within my mind All you need is your imagination so leave everything behind
Adventure comes with opportunity,Opportunity comes with the unknown,The unknown needs faith. Taking steps with faith will lead to new doors,New opportunities, and new adventures.You just have to be brave enough to see it.
I think i've been saying goodbye all my life.   Sure I say hello  but the whole time i've got one foot in the door  ready to make my getaway   when things go south   because I am one of those things.   
Independence is. Independence is finding a place. Independence, is losing hold of what reality existed before. You’re hiding inside a tight locked case. And why? Because you want more. More approval,
People say life is full of open doors. That saying doesn't really make any sense. How can the doors in life be open if you can't see what lies behind them. So instead of saying that life is full of open doors
Is it to fall in a chasm An abyss of despair, To view the horrifying images of eternity? To wake up From a coma And feel the urgency
  In school it's true, we must all wear pants. It is with that I don't disagree, but it is on whether or not the pants allow us to dance. In my school pants can reach the floor.
I hope you keep your door open I'll hope you continue hoping That life is so much more than this You will see this ain't a goodbye Since I'm telling you from now That I'll never, never forget you
one door must close for another to open this is what you all propose the cycle must have broken   closing, closing, closing never to be reopened but on I must keep going,
Slam another door closed another opportunity lost Slam this needs to stop how many more children students parents will it take? Slam you need to stop we need to stop
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