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Where Rivers Sing And Nature smiles Where Forests sprawl Over Silver Miles         Where Bridges rise         To meet the Land         And Trees stand by        Just holding hands
I used to think that it was all about externalities, Do anything to fit in and don't get mama mad at me,  It didn't matter how I felt only how other people felt about me,
I am still while the world turns beneath me. The weight of my sorrow does not slow its spin, for soft words cannot calm a tumultuous sea.   I do not listen to the wind twisting the trees
I am a tsunami. The water waxes and wanes at my will, Captivating and crucifying the shoreline.   You are a wildfire. Endowed with incalculable miles, Extinguished by the hands of others.
  Sing. Sing your note, That sonorous, twin-cam tune that makes all of my kind— That makes all of our hearts beat that much harder.   Let me fling you around.
If I were left on an island alone, I would miss all the comforts of home. I couldn't decide what one thing to bring, An object to help me through this horrible thing. I could pick some tarp to cover my head,
The wet clay makes a gross sound. I squeeze it in my inexperienced fingers,  attempting to form some shape, waiting for inspiration to strike.   Finally, I see it.
Something old, Something new. Time that's borrowed, Days are few. Stories you've told, Do meanings hold true? When I wake tomorrow, Will I be next to you? When does truth unfold?
   I have innocent eyes? “No one is that innocent!”   You fool! You partied through school, You thought you were so wise.   Where did that get you now? To whom do you bow?
they sky is crying today. thrashing gusts of angry wind  and my mind is a kaleidoscope crossed in a multitude of colors.
Seafarers speak of a mother, yet do they mean the woman who bore them or the blessed virgin whose child granted them salvation? No, not they.  The one of whom they speak, they sing, is angry, is cruel,
PAIN IS A stab in the back Is Worse than being stabbed in the front Why? It is similar to being blindly robbed by friends Accepting it without leashing white fury
Hear and animate the next line Breathing like each breath may be the last one Sensational beats within that body Til...Dead God blew breath into us Gave two legs Two ears, Two eyes, and Two arms
I am a prince, born into a luxurious home, I grew up to know what it’s like To be a full-blooded royal, it’s a hard life to dislike. It gives you a title of great power, like a lightning strike.
Let me be the truth teller- The word weaver- The speaker of blunt truths that cut like knives. Let me be the brutally honest The ever-endless one who speaks her heart And sugarcoats nothing.
It's the weekend and I'm creeping with some friends. When it hits 7 o'clock my fun has to always end. I must come home before father gets home. Usually when he's home I wish that I was alone.
You see, my mind wanders into so many places and there are so many faces and places that I have so much to say about.
I come from a land of glad where no one is sad nor mad. They have lots of good toys for little girls and boys. This land of glad I say is not that far away. 'Tis like our land of cocaine and meth
I write of the stigma....of myself, In relation to the outer world....I write of me walking, In the middle of the changing world, and how I feel, As the clock of my consiousness is at a standstill....still wondering,
babe you runnin on my mind all day you got me not knowin what to do next thinkin like is he gonna come home tonight cleanin and stressin bout us and rent
Like fine silk slipping through cool hands The words flow from my fingers onto paper The ink drawling across a sheet of white Like a skater on ice Thoughts and emotions Heart-felts and heart-breaks
He speaks words of wisdom, love, and joyfulness peace is his home and he roams with grace as his swagger looking in from his window he is ordinary to the hues of the human eye
I grab my pen and I escape, My own world begins to shape; All my struggles fade away, Vivid colors replace the gray.
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